Onyx – Haifa's culinary gem

Onyx – Haifa's culinary gem

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 Onyx — Haifa's culinary gem

Haifa's book town, long established as a stronghold of quality cuisine, is joined by a new restaurant that brings incredible flavors, magical atmosphere and international style.

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Photo: Anatoly Mikhaelo
Onyx — is a chef's restaurant serving tapas menus from all over the world. Owner — culinary entrepreneur Mahmoud Abu Sagire from the successful Oyster restaurant, and the chef of the — Johnny Gurick, with 32 years of experience in the international culinary world, is a culinary graduate of Paul Buquis and François Ravel in France, who has cooked for world leaders, presidents and kings, including Obama, King Hussein, Arafat Chirak and others, and boasts gold medals in international competitions, Top Chef in Dubai and gastronomic programs. After spending years abroad gathering knowledge from the many countries he has stayed in, he has returned to Israel to bring fine dining and redefine fine dining experiences, upmarket and in style.

The menu offers a wide variety of tapas-style dishes. France, Japan, Thailand, Norway, Italy, Greece, Spain and the Mediterranean are now available to every visitor of the institution. Chefs delight with their dishes, taking the visitor on a culinary journey and even allowing them to be part of the process when asked to pour something, smash it with a fork, or just enjoy the view.

Onyx — culinary gem of Haifa

Photo: Anatoly Mikhaelo
Among the dishes you will find panipuri — served with salmon mousse, chickpeas, onion, coriander and green leaves (62 nis); veal rolls — wrapped veal in pistachios with onion marmalade and fine red wine (70 shekels); salmon bonbon served with smoked eggplant cream (NIS 75); shrimp with mango, passion fruit, basil and Thai chili (68 shekels); vitello tonnato — a classic Italian dish with a modern interpretation from the chef — veal slices with tuna sauce (68 shekels); lamb bacon and salted marinated entrecote, served with black garlic cream and truffle sauce (NIS 68); fried romaine lettuce hearts, smoked goose breast, parmesan and garlic chips with toasted crostini. (62 nis); lentil salad – black lentils, grated feta cheese and Kalamata olives. (56 shekels);

Served for dessert: pear stuffed with toffee and chocolate cream. (42 nis); pistachio baklava, chewing gum and honey-caramelized dough (NIS 42); Limoncello — lemon dessert with three textures. (NIS 42).

 Onyx — Haifa's culinary gem< /p>
Photo: Anatoly Mikhaelo
High-quality raw materials come to the establishment from all over the world. Belgian chocolate, vanilla from Madagascar and artichokes from Italy. Along with the gastronomic menu, there is also a menu of special cocktails: onyx cocktail, smoked whiskey and amaretto sour (NIS 50) and elite wines from abroad (NIS 25-30 per glass).

A restaurant where invested millions, was designed for about a year. The precious onyx stone, after which the restaurant is named, matches the tables, and the huge bar is made entirely of a special stone that magically reflects light.

st. Nezalezhnosti 104
Working hours: Sunday-Saturday 18:00 -24:00
Tel: *8117.

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