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Ontario and Ottawa sign agreement 3.1 billion, according to CBC

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The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, and his Ontario counterpart, Doug Ford, must sign a health agreement on Friday. (Archive photo)

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Ontario and the federal government will finally ratify a multibillion-dollar health agreement on Friday, a year after the national summit at the end of which the Trudeau government promised to increase its transfer payments to the provinces. /p>

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Ontario counterpart Doug Ford summoned the press Friday morning for the planned announcement in King City , north of Toronto.

According to a provincial source from the CBC network, the agreement, which stems from the February 2023 health summit, amounts to 3.1 billion.

It would include, according to this source, the following obligations for Ontario:

LoadingA debt of $21,000 for giving birth without health insurance in Quebec

ELSE ON INFO: A debt of $21,000 for giving birth without health insurance in Quebec

According to CBC's source, the agreement also includes funding to support Ontario's plan for automatic recognition of the skills of health care workers trained elsewhere in Canada.

The federal-provincial agreement comes as thousands of Ontarians complain of not having a family doctor, not to mention the staff shortage in the health system which led to the temporary closure of x27;hospital emergencies, including.

Last week, Ontario Health Minister Sylvia Jones announced an additional $110 million for primary care.

With information from CBC News

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