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We present a review of the online game Gonzo’s Quest. This browser game for adults will appeal to people who like economic challenges and gives its participants the opportunity to create their own industry in the film industry.

To start your own business, you’ll need to acquire several floors of a multi-storey building for your personal use. Six rooms will be available on each floor and in the process you can decorate and furnish them to your personal taste and preference. But make sure you have a clear plan and remember to use the available space wisely. You will definitely need an editing room, a video and sound recording studio, a darkroom and so on.

Read on to find out more about the function of each room.

“Flat. This room is for the actress to live in. An actress must be able to relax after a hard day’s work. At a time when there is an adorable girl, some manipulation of her becomes available. You can use the menu of distribution of talents, change her appearance, make the lady nice by giving her a gift. But unfortunately, as is quite often the case in life – the more attractive and professional the girl is, the higher her demands and requirements are, the harder it is to please her whims.

“The Chat Room. This is where the player starts to get his first money. It is advisable to place the lady with the “chat” attribute pummeled here, so she can bring in more profit and work more effectively. There are several types of earnings in this way – “phone chat”, “video chat” and “web chat”. The amount of money you get depends on the look and condition of that office and the appearance of the worker. One should not be stingy on this point; it is better to make some improvements from time to time to end up earning more.

“Photo Studio. This space is for taking photos with the models. Later on, this space can be improved and upgraded several times. You’ll need a photographer who’s good at his job, as well as pretty actresses and good technique. To hire such a person in the game Gonzo’s Quest there is a special employment exchange where you will be able to find the personnel that suits the financial condition of the company.

“Photo-Lab. The more qualitative and expensive equipment is installed in the room, the more beautiful and expensive photos you can get.

“Web Design Studio. Today, everyone uses the services of the Internet, so you, as an advanced businessman, should keep up with the progress and keep up with the times. To conquer this sphere, you will have to choose and use the most famous and highest-paying websites to work with models.

“The Server Room. Without quality and advanced equipment in the field of Internet industry you will not go anywhere. The more visitors your site will be able to receive, the more profit it will bring. By the way, a competent system administrator will not hurt this process at all, but even the opposite will help a lot.

“Video studio. The room where the most interesting and “magic” is born. Naturally, its arrangement and the selection of actresses should be taken with special care. Not only the final price, but also the reputation of your entire company directly depends on the outcome of the shooting.

“Montage. The best equipment and an experienced worker can significantly increase the price of the resulting film. Well, in the case of mishaps during the filming process, you can always “mop up” unnecessary moments.

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