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One-Punch Man: Manga Fans Will Cry All Summer Long

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun20,2024

Earlier in the month, the mangaOne-Punch Manmade waves by revealing a new visual of Fubuki. While the most impatient are clinging to Murata's arms waiting to learn more about Saitama's adventures, here we are! that sad news may cause a few tears to flow. -Punch Man: fans of the manga will cry all summer” />

Bad news for the manga One-Punch Man

Shonen cult by shonens, One-Punch Manreached its peak thanks to its anime adaptation. The first season, by Madhouse, put the manga on everyone's radar. Since then, there have been many fans; follow the adventures of Saitama both in manga and via his anime. And while season 3 of One-Punch Man is still awaited, here it is; that bad news risks making some impatient fans cry. 

One-Punch Man: Manga fans will cry all summer long

As reported by Comicbook, it is the editorial team of One-Punch Man who has just announced that the manga will be taking a summer break. Until There, nothing abnormal, except that this break will be two months. After quick calculations, the resumption of the manga is therefore planned for next August. A hard blow for the most impatient fans who will therefore have to wait for the next releases.

One-Punch Man: manga fans will cry all summer

Until then, you can always reread the entire article. work while Yusuke Murata enjoys his well-deserved vacation.The mangaka has never stopped to prove your mastery in the subject thanks to impressive boards, which season 1 managed to achieve; transcribe to wonder. A quality animation that spectators will unfortunately not find in the following seasons, which nevertheless deserved it just as much. 

One-Punch Man: manga fans will cry all summer

To wait, you can also rewatch the first two seasons of One-Punch Man, available both on Netflix and on Crunchyroll. 24 episodes just waiting to be rediscovered, in particular thanks to particularly epic fights. A booster shot The approach of season 3 of the anime won't hurt. person.

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