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One Piece season 2: this cult manga character is transformed for the rest of the series

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun11,2024

One ​​of the key characters of the One Piece manga and the first season of the live-action adaptation overseen by Netflix will be transformed in season 2.

One Piece season 2: this cult manga character is transformed for the rest of the series

new characters in season 2 of One piece

Where is the second season of Netflix's live-action One Piece? A month ago, Netflix launched a massive casting call for at least seven new characters, all of which are up to date. believe (according to the descriptions) that it is Princess Vivi, Nico Robin or even Colonel Smoker.

A casting call announced one month before the start of filming, time to find the lucky ones, because filming must begin this month, and for at least seven months.We should then expect ; a broadcast for next year.

One Piece season 2: this cult manga character is transformed for the sequel the series

The listing of these new characters only confirms — once again — that this second season will adapt the Alabasta arc. A much more consequential epic than that of East Blue, which takes the Straw Hat Pirates and Nefertari Vivi to the desert kingdom, of which the young woman with blue hair is the host. ;ritière. There will be many intrigues, and some characters from season 1 will be back. Among them, Buggy the Clown and Captain Alvida, who form an alliance to flush out Luffy in the last episode.

Alvida's brand new look

If we know that the pirate will be back, her interpreter, the actressIlia Isorelýs Paulino has published photos of her on the networks, in which she appears slimmed down. On Reddit, fans immediately made the connection with the appearance his character takes in the sequel to the manga.

DAMN she's really like the real life Alvida

June 9, 2024

DAMN she's really like the real life Alvida

As a reminder, at the beginning of the manga, Alvida is an obese female pirate. But after eating the Slip-Slip Fruit during the Loguetown arc, she changes appearanceand becomes much thinner. Everything therefore indicates that Alvida will appear in her new form, after having eaten her. the famous devil fruit. Loguetown is located just before the big departure for the Grand Line. It is also the town where; officiates Smoker, the mysterious character we see at the beginning of the story. the opportunity for the final shot of season 1.

Are you all ready for S2 Alvida?
by u/Panino87 in OnePièceLiveAction

Netflix carried out some changes regarding live the manga by Eiichiro Oda. During her alliance with Buggy the Clown, she has already changed in appearance, which Netflix omitted in its series. We then wondered if the Straw Hat's enemy would change shape in the live-action sequel. The answer seems to have been given by the main interested party.

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