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One Piece: Eiichiro Oda reveals a new antagonist

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul5,2024

One Piece continues its course. Eiichiro Oda's universe continues to expand, more than two decades after its debut. Manga, anime, live-action, One Piece is absolutely everywhere. The thousand chapters were completed outdated, but new characters continue to arrive. Recently, the mangaka even ended up formalizing a new antagonist.

One Piece: Eiichiro Oda unveils a new antagonist

un new One Piece antagonist revealed

When reading One Piece, it's hard not to ask yourself certain questions. And the most patient can even ask them at random. Eiichiro Oda, who will answer it, or not, at during one of its question/answer sessions. An initiative that began in volume 4 of the manga and which persists despite the years.Similar exercise to the occasion of issue 109, with a question which will have made it possible to introduce a brand new antagonist.

One Piece: Eiichiro Oda unveils a new antagonist

New, not all new do. Although his name is currently unknown to you, this great villain has nevertheless been killed. mentioned in the manga. Remember. When Saint Saturn explains that he wants to recruit Bartholomew as a member of the 7 Samurai, he indicates that he is looking for a replacement. the one who has been defeated by Ace, aka Luffy's brother. You see it coming, this is the character we are going to talk about today, a former member of the 7 Samouraïs known as Hanafuda. 


Question: In Chapter 1100, the Warlord that Ace beat which was being talked about by Kuma and St. Saturn, what was that person like?

Answer: He looks like this. His name is “Hanafuda”. His hobby is collecting Ancient Zoan Devil Fruits. On what he's schematic behind…

July 1, 2024

It's in a tweet published on X that the user known as pewpiece shared this information. Little information is circulating about this Hanafuda. Nevertheless, we learn that he could measure 5.14 meters, that his nickname is none other than “the King of Lizards”, and that he collects the mystical fruits of Zoan. /strong> His name is taken from of the “Flower Game”, a traditional Japanese card game. It's up to you almost everything for official information.

One Piece: Eiichiro Oda unveils a new antagonist

Following This announcement, many were fans at speculate. And according to the most popular theory, Hanafuda could have been a member of Kaido's Hundred Beasts crew. In addition to his weapon, a scythe connected to his weapon. a chain with a morning star at the end, everything screams a belonging to the crew of Luffy's number 1 enemy. Hunting Zoan Fruits could be related to this &àgrave; Kaido's desire to create an army with devastating powers, when his nickname can be linked to Kaido's desire to create an army with devastating powers. to the crew members of the former member of the Four Emperors.

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