One of the referents of the green team is controversial when referring to the ambassadors. 

One of the referents of the green team is controversial when referring to the ambassadors. 

Atlético Nacional seeks his best form, playing well, but above all, convincing with results to be able to get on track among the 8, while date to date leaves doubts in its performance.

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Attack on Millionaires

One of the referents of the green team creates controversy when referring to the ambassadors. 

Meanwhile, this Tuesday one of its figures, the midfielder Álex Mejía, analyzed the news of the Antioquia team, after the tight victory against Bucaramanga on date 9 of the League.

Mejía, one of the leaders of the squad, gave his arguments comparing what happens in Nacional with Millonarios.

Everyone talks about Millionaires playing very well, and yes, he plays very well, but where are the results?

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Mejía did not want to enter into controversy, but he could not help it. His sentence was accurate. “Obviously one understands the fan that not only is it enough to win but you have to play well. But, you have to win because let's say it: everyone talks about Millonarios who play very well, and yes, they play very well, but where do the results are they?, and this is about results and I'm not getting into a controversy with anyone because I don't like it, but this is a result”, said the player.

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Mejía went further, referring to the fact that Millonarios is the leader, the best team in the League at the moment, but the title eludes them. “It is useless to play nice, to reach the top if in the end one stays,” he said.

“Obviously one understands the people who want the team to play well, but the results can help you improve, grow. This is a healthy group that understands, obviously we are indebted in the game, but this is part of the game: correcting, improving, being aware of the things that are at stake and obviously getting points, being at the top, obviously we are going to get more confidence,” he said.

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