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One of the most difficult ultramarathons in the world, a woman Barkley has overcome for the first time

Jasmine Paris/The New York Times

One of the most famous ultramarathons in the world – Barkley Marathons – took place in the USA. It has been held in Frozen National Park (Tennessee) since 1986.

This year, a woman, Jasmine Paris, completed the extreme marathon for the first time. She ran the Barkley Marathons (160 km) in 59:58:21. The New York Times writes about it.

British athlete Jasmine is a mother of two children and a scientist. She became the first woman who managed to overcome the entire distance.

In addition, several other historical moments took place at the marathon. In particular, for the first time, seven athletes took part in the final fifth lap, and five of them managed to overcome the entire race.

From 1986, the start of the marathon, and until 2023, only 17 participants have covered the distance of five laps. The record number of times was done by the American Jared Campbell – three times, and the best time belongs to the American Brett Maun – 52:03:08 (2012). >a native of Ukraine – Ihor Verys (58:44:59), who represents Canada.

One of the most difficult ultramarathons in the world, Barkley, was overcome by a woman for the first time

Igor Verys (left)/Howie Stern

Barkley Marathons is an ultramarathon trail race , which is held every year in the park Frozen Head (Frozen Head), Tennessee. The route changes from year to year, consists of five cycles of 32 km, the total distance is 160 km.

If the runners complete three laps (96 km), it is simply a “fun run”. Usually two of the first four cycles are clockwise and the other two are counter-clockwise. Barkley is considered one of the most difficult ultra races in the States, and even in the world.

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