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One less barrier in recruiting workers foreigners in Quebec

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Some bureaucracy will soon be able to be done online.

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Businesses will be able to recruit temporary foreign workers a little more easily from December 11.

The Minister of Immigration, Francisation and 'Integration, Christine Fréchette, traveled to Saguenay on Tuesday to announce that certain procedures are moving from paper to electronic.

Validations of job offers for the Regular Skilled Worker Program (PRTQ) and applications for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) can be made online in two weeks.

The government wants to reduce the bureaucracy related to welcoming employees from outside.

The procedures of employers who wish to recruit foreign workers to respond to the labor shortage will be accelerated. Electronic transmission of requests represents a significant improvement that will provide greater flexibility and increased efficiency, indicated Minister Fréchette.

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Minister Christine Fréchette announced a reduction in recruitment procedures for businesses.

Many employers, business representatives and elected officials seemed relieved to finally see the recruitment process accelerated and streamlined. Some still remained hungry after a lunch meeting.

The Fabmec company, for example, employs 11 foreign workers at present. The director of human resources, Dany Chabot, believes that employers especially need help to retain them in the longer term.

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The human resources director at Fabmec hoped to have help with Frenchization for the foreign workers who were hired.

We bring in foreign workers to keep them with the rest of us. We invest enormous sums to bring them in to train them, we do mentoring, we show them the job. And there, I am told that now French will also be in the employer's court. We're still shoveling a bill into the employer's yard and I'm not trained for that, he worries.

He is therefore asking for more support for francization, which echoes the complaints of Sylvie Pedneault, coordinator at the Inclusia Group.

She asks the government to financially support all support measures for new arrivals once on Quebec soil.

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The coordinator at the Inclusia Group helps companies welcome new arrivals.

Sylvie Pedneault explains that Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean is receiving more and more newcomers without increasing the subsidies paid to organizations like hers.

In four months of support, we have already supported the number of people we should support for a year. For us it is important to continue, but what remains to be done is to offer funding that matches the services offered by organizations like ours, asks Ms. Pedneault.

She reminds us that the way to welcome new arrivals goes well beyond finding them accommodation.

With information from Laurie Gobeil

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