On video: This was the recapture of the alleged person responsible for the death, rape and torture of the 18-year-old girl in Andes, Antioquia

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The National Police managed to recapture Carlos Mora, who is accused of the femicide of Paula Andrea Restrepo in the district of Santa Rita

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On video: Thus; was the recapture of the person presumed responsible for the death, rape and torture of the 18-year-old girl in Andes, Antioquia

Image of Paula Andrea Restrepo Parra, the young woman murdered in the municipality of Andes, in the department of Antioquia. Photo: private file

The National Police managed to recapture 22-year-old Carlos Mora, who is accused of committing the murder of Paula Andrea Restrepo, in the municipality of Andes, exactly in the corregimiento Santa Rita.

The young man outwitted the authorities while some tests were being carried out that would serve as evidence for the imputation of the charges. The alleged accused fled from the San Rafael hospital, located in the same municipality where he allegedly committed the crime.

The uniformed officers immediately reacted and generated a locked plan, through which he was again captured in the municipality of San Jerónimo in western Antioquia.

The moment in which the man was again apprehended was recorded on video, and he must answer for the crime of femicide.

At the time of reading his rights, the police officer told him that he was being captured for the crime of torture, violent carnal access and femicide. The arrest warrant was issued by the guarantee judge of the neighboring municipality of Jardín, Antioquia.

“A lock plan was carried out when the escape occurred and it was possible to intercept the municipality”,quoted in the Antioquia newspaper the declarations of Colonel Daniel Mazo, departmental commander of that institution.

While in the newspaper El Universal they reported that the named murderer escaped when they carried out some tests at the San Rafael hospital, in the Andes, to compare them with the evidentiary material found at the scene of the crime that occurred last Friday in the Santa Rita township.

On video: This was the capture of the allegedly responsible for the death, rape and torture of the 18-year-old girl in Andes, Antioquia

The accused criminal, reported in El Colombiano, comes from Labateca (Norte de Santander) and worked on a coffee farm, so it is being investigated whether he had left his place of work when the disappearance of the schoolboy was reportedthat he was two weeks away from graduating from high school.

In the Antioquia newspaper they added that The authorities are investigating whether the captured person followed the young woman who used to go alone to the educational institution where she was in eleventh grade, as well as whether she had told her relatives if she was suffering any type of harassment.

< p class="paragraph">For this despicable crime, the authorities are investigating a second person who was under police protection, since after learning of the fact a group of residents was going to attack him out of indignation that produced the alleged femicide. They added in the middle of Antioquia that would be the driver of a motorcycle that was found in the vicinity of the place where the lifeless body of the student was found.

<b>In context</b&gt ;

According to preliminary information, the young woman -identified as Paula Andrea Restrepo Parra- had been missing since 2:00 in the afternoon of last November 4< /b>after finishing classes at the Santa Rita Educational Institution, where she was enrolled.

Her family, realizing that her home had not arrived, her parents alerted the authorities who , together with the girl's relatives, began a search around the school and along the sidewalk.

Unfortunately, on the 8:00 pm on Friday, November 4, the student was found on the side of a road with stab wounds all over her body. In addition, her hands were tied, she had signs of torture and sexual violence.