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On the’î in Vancouver, a bear had made its den under the house of a couple

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In Duncan, on On Vancouver Island, Crystal Weaver and her husband discovered a bear living under their house.


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A black bear had made its den under the house of a couple in Duncan, on Vancouver Island. The animal was chased away by a conservation officer.

Crystal Weaver and her husband took a little time to identify this new occupant. They first noticed that their dog was behaving strangely. This one who has been barking and running abnormally for 15 days. On December 28, they heard noises that seemed to be coming from under the house.

We thought maybe raccoons were to party, says Crystal Weaver.

The next morning, her husband decides to go look under the house. He then found himself face to face with a black bear.

I've never seen him run so fast, recalls Crystal Weaver, adding that her husband jumped back and quickly got out from under the house.

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The bear had indeed settled in the crawl space of the house, under Crystal and her husband's bedroom.

A bear has set up its den under their house.

The couple then contacted the BC Conservation Officer Service, who intervened to scare the animal so that it would leave the property.

Crystal Weaver shared a video of the bear under the house. The clip went viral on the social network TikTok and had been seen by more than 4.2 million people as of Tuesday.

According to Helen Davis, a biologist at wildlife consultants at Artemis Wildlife Consultants, based in Duncan, it is rare for bears to take shelter under houses.

It is regrettable that the bear did not find a natural cavity to make its den this winter, she said. While she does not say with certainty that there is a shortage of natural habitats on Vancouver Island, the biologist believes that old trees are rare on southern Vancouver Island due to the #x27;logging.

B.C. Conservation Officer Service says homeowners can keep bears out ;install under their house ensuring there are no access points.

If a bear attempts to spend the winter under a house, homeowners are asked to contact the helpline (New window) to contact in the event of a human-wildlife conflict.< /p>

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