On the satellite of the Earth they knew water

On the satellite of the Earth they knew water

Water was known on Earth's satellite

Photo: Pixabay

Chinese spacecraft "Chan'e-5" within the framework of the program for the follow-up of the month, having revealed water signs on the satellite of the Earth. Її presence in the monthly soil, confirming the laboratory analysis. Space.com.

"Chanye-5" arrived for a month in the zone of the Ocean Bur in the month of 2020.

This zone is the “monthly sea”, like a flat on the satellite of the Earth, covered with dark overcast lava. The elders took the youngest month stars, as if they ever wreathed. For whom did you need to drill the ground. Nezabara after the collection of samples for the help of a special module of materials for deliveries to Earth.

Planetologist of the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) Li Chunlai, stating that spectral scanning of the surface of the samples from the laboratories is confirmed, water.

For the first time in the world, the results of laboratory analysis of the monthly sights and spectral data of the monthly surface on the field were vikoristan spleno for the improvement of the visibility, shape and quantity of water in the monthly sights.

The results don't say anything about those big reservoirs with water on the Moon. 

The stench doesn't show that the soil and stones on the surface of the natural satellite are close to 30 hydroxide parts per million.  Hydroxyl, which is also called “water excess”, consists of one atom of water and one atom of sour, which is the basis of water. The Chinese mission also served as a dzherelo drive on Mіsyatsі. Won to avenge in a crystalline mineral called apatite.

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga