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“On the roof”: PARFENIUK presented the first track after the birth of their daughter

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May20,2024

"On the roof": PARFENIUK presented the first track after the birth of a daughter


Artist PARFENIUK, who recently became a father, is back with a new single titled “On the Roof”. The romantic rap hit will easily become your way of confessing your love to the closest person.

Popular Ukrainian artist PARFENIUK pleased his subscribers with the new track “On the roof”. The clip has already gained 50,000 views on You Tube.

Together with the track, PARFENIUK presents an unexpected video work, where it appears before fans in a radically new image. The visualization turned out to be very diverse, several locations that are precisely intertwined with the messages of the song.

Perhaps you have been wanting to confess your feelings for a long time, but you have been waiting for the right moment. Partheniuk found him. The perfect recipe from the father of romance: arrange a date, turn on my song “On the roof” and voila! Couples with experience, you too get fit, – comments PARFENIUK.

The main heroine of the clip is the well-known blogger – Chara Khoryv. She is wearing a blue sparkly dress and long earrings. The girl dances to the music in the clip.

The clip was filmed in one breath, although the filming process took more than one day. I will not reveal all the secrets, but the picture turned out to be very romantic and unique. Bro, I collected all the stars for you!, – shared PARFENIUK.

Natasha Kumar

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