On the iPhone and iPad won’t open apps

Users of Apple iPhone and iPad have begun to report problems that arise when working devices. In particular, cupertinos devices has stopped running the application. Even if they open, then quickly cease to function.

На iPhone и iPad перестали открываться приложения

Owners of iPhone and iPad see on screen information about that particular service is no longer available to them. To continue to run the program, and must be purchased in the App Store. In social networks on this occasion there were very many complaints. In this regard, it is assumed that bugs are observed in various versions of iOS, not only in the new 13.5.

At the same time, the problem appears not to all users. While experts have not established what exactly caused it. Some users have problems with applications started to appear after updating the software. As for the list of problem programs, it includes: YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, Twitter, LastPass. Issue is fixed by uninstalling the application and installing the new.

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