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On the banks of Ukraine, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Luxembourg, the MSE called on Russia to recruit companions into work

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul4,2024

To the skargi of Ukraine, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Luxembourg, the MSE called upon Russia to give in into the work of companions

The International Electrical Union has loudly called on Russia to force the transfer of European satellites into the work.

The National Rada of Ukraine informs about this regarding television and radio communications.

National Rada went to the International Union Electrical sound (MCE) is a constant transmission of satellite signals from Ukrainian TV programs with a clear and clear reaction to the actions of the aggressor.

In addition, the head of the National For the sake of Olga Gerasim’yuk also disrupted the food at the meetings of the European platform of regulatory authorities, the important committee for the sake of Europe on media and information supply, carried out and negotiations with media regulators in France and Luxembourg. As a result, this food was finalized under the great respect of the MSE and was reviewed at the meeting of the Radio Regulatory Committee.

“After the remaining three months, a new stage of the information war of the Russian federation against Ukraine is beginning – delivery of satellite signals from Ukrainian TV channels. By transmitting a significantly stronger signal to the satellite, which leads to changes in the signal of Ukrainian channels, Russia inserts its propaganda programs into the programs of Ukrainian channels. – go to a friend.

It is noted that in the period from February 20 to May 9, 2024, at least 12 episodes of satellite communications were given to robots. These were handed over, according to the information of the operators, in the territory of the Moscow region of the Russian Federation, annexed Crimea and the territories of the new regions of Ukraine that were immediately occupied by Russia.

These actions led to Creation of a plant or replacing the original signal with a magician on over 40 Ukrainian TV channels and the same radio stations that are broadcast via satellites.

The National Council informed a number of international organizations about these attacks, including the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the European Telecommunications Organization, the Leading Committee for Europe on the Food and Broadcasting Media and the Information Society, UNESCO, the Group of European Regulators for Audiovisual Media Services, the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities and the Black Sea Forum of Broadcasting Regulatory Authorities.

International Telecommunication Union The International Conference on Radiological and Nuclear Communications (ICRC) has reviewed a series of requests from Ukraine, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Luxembourg to join Russia's European partners in recent months.

It is worth noting that incidents involving GPS signal jamming have threatened wind control and interrupted children's TV channels to show “violent footage of the war in Ukraine.”

The statement says that disruptions to the operation of French and Swedish satellite networks could be caused by sources located in the areas of Moscow, Kaliningrad and Pavlovka, which is “extremely alarming and unacceptable.”

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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