On television, they will delicately talk to children about the war through fairy tales and cartoons

On television, they will delicately talk to children about the war through fairy tales and cartoons

The annual RE:PUBLICA festival has ended in Berlin, where Viktoria Murovana, producer of Suspilny's children's content, volunteer of the Lviv Humanitarian Headquarters, has become one of the speakers at the “Stories of War” panel. During the conversation, they talked about how the war affects the everyday life of Ukrainians and how these processes will be reflected in the new content of Suspilny for children.

Television will delicately talk to children about the war through fairy tales and cartoons

Victoria Murovanaya

“Working on children's content in a time of absolute security crisis is an overwhelming task. Before the war, we created safe stories, taught to explore the world in an easy entertaining way. It turned out that the world is very fragile, and for all Ukrainian children, without exception, it is no longer safe.

Our task today is to create new stories in various formats understandable to children: animation, educational programs, explainers. In them, we will reveal the topics of safety behavior in de-occupied cities, the struggle between good and evil, the difficulties of adapting to a new place. We want to talk to children about the war delicately, but truthfully, integrating the new reality, artistically rethinking it,” Victoria Murovana noted during the discussion. “We must always take into account the different experiences of Ukrainian children, many of them went through occupation, loss of loved ones, forced emigration. We want to return to them the joy of knowing the world and at least a fragile sense of stability through modern valuable content.”

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To do this, Suspilne began work on modern fairy tales and scripts for animated series. When asked by curator and publisher Ekaterina Mishchenko if Suspilny would be able to realize this during the war, Victoria answered: “creating your own narratives systematically, honestly telling children and the world about what is happening is always relevant.”

During the conversation, Victoria Murovana shared her experience of volunteering at the main humanitarian headquarters in Lviv, as well as communication with parents and children, which made it possible to understand their needs and take this into account in her work. According to her, during the first hundred days, the headquarters provided assistance to more than 30,000 internally displaced families.

tea and exhale for 5 minutes. The stories heard at the headquarters are different: tragic, creepy, calm, balanced and even poignantly happy. We are in touch with many migrants, many have already returned home. Solidarity, unity and support for each other is all about volunteering. Of the sealed stories, these are children's scooters, which, at our request, were sent from all over Europe so that children would be distracted from the terrible realities. It would seem a simple matter, but the child, who had frozen before, began to tell something, his eyes came to life, ”said the producer of the children’s content of the Public.

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