On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 21 July:

On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 21 July:

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On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 21 July:

The interview

“Europe asks us more: more magistrates and restraints on appeals”

Alessandra Dolci: “Based on the numbers it is already clear that it will not work: it is an amnesty”

Covid-19 – Fourth wave danger

The bill for the Europeans has arrived. Cases quintupled only in Rome

Crowds – In the capital there was a boom of infections 9 days after the open bus parade in the center. Figc accused: “It’s the Gravina effect”

The investigation – Investments, bad companies, ghost accounts

Lega, the 49 million: what happened to the booty

The investigation on the money to the “Maroni List” is moving towards closure. Treasure gone: Genoa files, but sends the documents to the magistrates of Milan

of Marco Grasso and Davide Milosa

The law delegates

Construction sites, risks of hands free on tenders and farewell to tenders

Reform – From the maximum discount to the single procurement of the Objective Law: thus it will be able to make the contested rules of the “unblock-everything” permanent

5 Stars – Assembly of the leader with parliamentarians

Conte opens the other front: “The income is not touched”

As a first debut as a leader, in front of the 5-star parliamentarians, Giuseppe Conte chooses to go to the great classics and try to reread them in his own way: “We are not handcuffs”, he says to deputies and senators, but we cannot tolerate “that trials vanish into thin air “. He needs to clarify: “Sometimes – he says – some […]

Via D’Amelio

Misdirection or protagonism: the killer Avola is under investigation for slander in Caltanissetta

Maurizio Avola, a killer from Catania at the service of the highest levels of Cosa Nostra until the season of the massacres and then entered and left the protection service for collaborators of justice, is now being investigated by the Caltanissetta prosecutor for slander against the Etnean boss Aldo Ercolano and , in all likelihood, it will soon be registered in the […]

of Giampiero Calapà

Toxic loves – Ten years ago the fragile Winehouse died

“Love is a losing game”: the game to the massacre between Amy and her Blake

No limits – Between drugs and emotional addictions, the artist did not survive the demons

The conference

Even the judges of Naples humiliate the minister: “Reform for unpunished”

Attack – The pg Luigi Riello: “Mockery for the victims”


Comes the rain of amendments in the committee: half from the M5S

The Justice Committee of the Chamber invaded by sub-amendments, over 1600, to the criminal reform of Minister Marta Cartabia. As many as 916 are from the M5S, several concern prescription-inadmissibility, with “maximum-minimum” hypotheses that aim in any case to block the green light to the rules-impunity. The Democratic Party also presents a couple, which are half a bank to M5S. For […]

The interview

“On the Green, Draghi is the restoration”

Angelo Bonelli – The co-spokesperson of Europa Verde rejects the government of the best

In the classroom

“I have been threatened several times, now I’m afraid”

The great accuser – Scilleri and the statements on the Carroccio’s money

of M. Gra. and Dav. One thousand.

New decree – Control room and Cdm

The emergency until the end of the year. The “Pass” will be diversified

There is still no agreement. The control room convened today by Prime Minister Mario Draghi with the heads of delegation will be decisive (but it could be postponed to tomorrow) to fine-tune the details of the new “save-summer” decree that will be approved in the CDM. What on the one hand will have to stop the resurgence of infections and at the same time avoid […]


France, “an unprecedented surge”. Gb, record of deaths

London – Deaths like in March, “free all” confirmed

of luana de micco

Land consumption

Other than “green”: we cement 2 meters per second

Let’s give the numbers right away. In 2020, the consumption of land, which can also be referred to in vulgar terms of overbuilding, has advanced at a rate of two square meters per second. At least 50 square kilometers of agricultural and natural areas, despite the Covid stop, have been replaced with construction sites, buildings and infrastructure. The whole […]

All-out strike

Whirlpool Naples, workers again in the square. Busy platforms at the station: “Let’s not give up”

For over two years they have been screaming “Naples does not give up” and in fact, even yesterday, the workers of Whirlpool demonstrated against the closure. They first invaded the high-speed tracks – forcing Trenitalia to suspend traffic – and then moved to Piazza Garibaldi for a road block. Tomorrow they will be in Rome for a new one […]


Fuortes takes it all. Appointed to Rai, but remains at the Opera

“My successor doesn’t need advice. I leave the theater in an optimal situation. Whoever comes after me will be able to work in the best way “. So Carlo Fuortes, yesterday morning, at the presentation of the season of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma 2021-2022. Big applause and a lot of emotion for his farewell. Be careful though. Why the mole […]

After the acquittals

Derivatives in Milan: the Court of Auditors investigates Pisapia

The story of derivatives falls again like a boulder on Milanese politics. Ten years after the ordinary court’s acquittals on appeal, the Prosecutor of the Court of Auditors of Lombardy has accused 64 former administrators of the Milanese Province for a matter of swap contracts, and with them two intermediaries. Among them, the former mayor […]

The interview

“Pegaso case, Orbán tells Hungary that it is Soros’ fault”

Szabolcs Panyi – The reporter reveals how he discovered he was among the intercepted: “It all starts with Netanyahu’s visit”

of Michela AG Iaccarino

Reportage – The indigenous people of Bolivia without loneliness

Pillory, trees and midges. The just life of the Indians

Self-determination – The village chief also administers justice and chooses with the community what is best: yes to electricity, no to the road

of Alessandro Di Battista

In the bookstore

G8 in comics: memory has not lost its fingerprints

Forty authors, from Zerocalcare to Ratigher, hold their pencils to tell – and remember – the dramatic events that occurred in Genoa in 2001

Compostela direction

Miracles, legends and bundles: the journey to Santiago remains timeless

The most coveted of the routes has become a book: “The journey of the world” tells the journey to the city of San Giacomo

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