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On her 51st birthday, Ruslana presented the incendiary hit “Buyna”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May25,2024

On her 51st birthday, Ruslana presented the fiery hit


Ukrainian Ruslana Lyzhichko was remembered thanks to the “wild” image of the Ukrainian Amazon at Eurovision. But the singer transforms and appears different in the new project.

In honor of her 51st birthday, the singer presented a new track and the eponymous clip “Buyna”. Watch the atmospheric video on YouTube.

Ruslana's new look is a logical continuation of her original style. At the same time, this is not music for relaxation.

“Buyna” is an emotion. The emotion of “grooving” all over the metal at once and to the maximum. This will be a “not quiet” album. This is music to excite the whole body and voice to extreme drive, Ruslana comments.

The two versions of the song were not created to divide Ukrainian and international listeners. According to Ruslana, her audience in Ukraine should hear the English version, because it is part of the concept. Whereas the international audience should feel the color and unique sound of the Ukrainian language.

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The video was shot in the singer's home studio, where she created a metal beat using the textures of the Carpathian canyons. Ruslana devoted her video work to a new story about an iron rhythm based on tales about characters.

In the clip, Ruslana allegorically talks about the necklace. This decoration is an important element of the Ukrainian ethnos. In the video, the necklace has the image of pure water. The metallic rhythm created by the heroine of the video helps her finally put on this necklace.

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