Omelchenko rozpoviv, as Europe is selected from pasta cheap Russian gas

Omelchenko rozpoviv, as Europe is selected from pasta cheap Russian gas

Volodymyr Omelchenko, Director of Energy Programs at the Razumkov Center, during the FREEDOM marathon on UA ​​TV channel, showed that the European Union has long needed to be supported by Russian energy sources. However, the European politicians didn’t do anything about it, they wanted to secure the transition period to “green energy” through Russian gas, which is cheaper.

Omelchenko's rozpov_v, like Europe is choosing from a pasta of cheap Russian gas

“The European Union needed to be aware of Russian gas for a long time. This was not destroyed, because the politicians were lashing out at the “green transition”. Tse transition from oil, gas, coal, nuclear energy to “green energy” – sony, wind, biofuel and water. The stench rozrakhovuvali zabezpechiti transitional period to the supply of Russian gas, more vin cheap. Tom ЄС i ​​having eaten pasta. The pardon was broken up in 2008, if the decision about everyday life was praised for the project “Pivnichny Stream-1”. The problem worsened after the decision about the life of Pivnichny Potok-2,” the speaker added.

Ukrainian experts, following the words of Omelchenko, outstripped their German partners, that the gas supply is unsafe.

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“Essentially, it’s a no-brainer. Be it as if you could see it out, ”adding wine.

Having designated the guest of the air, what alternative sources of energy are the key directly, which is the development of the EU for the replacement of gas from Russia.

“The Repower EU program transfers financing from 300 billion euros. More finance for the life of new power plants due to sony and wind energy, as well as for the development of biofuel directly. Today, it is a world leader in the development of renewable energy sources and in the decarbonization of the economy. Therefore, the exchange of Russian gas supplies and the blackmail of Russia is no longer necessary to speed up investments in the supply of energy and speed up the process of increasing Russian gas,” he said. .

“Norway has little plan to get ahead of Russia with gas supplies through all the mountains. I stink already vikonani. Last week, the supply of Norwegian gas to Europe exceeded the supply of Russian gas. At the link with tim, which inspired the work of one of the largest ancestors of Norway – Troll, ”- povidomiv vіn. .

“The European market is close to 400 billion cubic meters per river. Norway will supply 110 billion, if Russia has received 150 billion in 2021. However, the Crimea of ​​Norway, the United States, Algeria, Azerbaijan and Qatar also play a vital role in securing natural gas,” Volodymyr Omelchenko said.