Olympics, Fontana al Fatto.it: “Skating in Turin? We are working to bring the races to Milan. Those who didn't want us don't deserve us”

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The Politics


The races in Turin? It's not us who ask, it's a hypothesis. For some competitions, which should have been held in Trentino, a different system is needed which cannot be created there. But we are trying to equip ourselves so that those races are held in Milan. Also because: those who didn't want us don't deserve us”. This is the news revealed by the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, interviewed by Peter Gomez. The story is this: Baselga di Piné, in Trentino, should have hosted the skating competitions at the Ice Rink. But to make the structure “suitable”, 55 million euros would have been needed. Thus the locality – against the will of the administration – he withdrew from the 2026 Olympic Games (obtaining a kind of counterpart from the Coni). In the front row, to get the races, there is Turin, with the Oval (where the races of the 2006 Olympics were held). The Minister of Infrastructure himself, Matteo Salvini, a few days ago gave his assent to the Piedmontese capital after a meeting with the mayor Stefano Lo Russo and the president of the Region, Alberto Cirio. However, Fontana's intention is different: to bring skating to Milan to ensure that the Games do not expand and remain, to all intents and purposes, the Milan-Cortina Games strong>. In the background (“who didn't want us, doesn't deserve us”) there are the tensions between Fontana himself (and Luca Zaia) and the previous administrators of the city, i.e. the 5 stars (Chiara Appendino< /strong>).