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Stadium Olympic Stadium: the roof and the ring will finally be replaced

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The Olympic Stadium enclosure is closed until 'at further notice, due to exploratory work for the replacement of the roof.

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After months of analysis, the decision was made. Radio-Canada has learned that the Legault government will announce on Monday that it will indeed replace the roof and technical ring of the Olympic Stadium.

The minister responsible, Caroline Proulx, will reveal an estimate of the costs on this occasion. The work will cost hundreds of millions of dollars, but is not expected to reach $1 billion, according to what we have learned. A few weeks ago, the daily La Pressehad mentioned a bill between 750 million and a billion dollars.

The project is expected to last 4 years. The work will make it possible to dismantle the current roof, replace the technical ring which holds the entire structure of the Stadium together and build a new roof. The new roof will be rigid and fixed, according to the information we have obtained. The decision to renovate the Stadium is part of François Legault's desire to make the structure a “positive symbol”.

The government should present your decision in an economic logic, i.e. an investment that will pay off. Once renovated, the Stadium will be able to host events all year round, regardless of weather conditions, unlike currently.

The government estimates that when the work is completed, the activities of the Olympic Park will generate annual benefits of nearly $150 million. They are currently valued at 68 million.

According to our sources, even if the government never really considered destroying the stadium, an up-to-date assessment of the cost of inaction has been made. Bottom line: Demolishing the structure would cost more than $2 billion. A minimal bill, to which should be added a loss of income linked to the rental of the fifteen floors of the Stadium tower. We also took into account the effect on certain assets of the Olympic Park, the City and the Société de Transport de Montréal, such as the metro line.

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Without investment, we would have been forced to close the Stadium in the winter, and dismantle its roof within 2 years, before complete demolition. The deconstruction would also have created a huge hole in the neighborhood, after private and public investments of more than a billion and a half dollars in recent years. The Olympic district would have assets of around 10 billion, according to government estimates. Demolition would have wiped a large part of it off the map.

The Olympic Stadium can accommodate just over 50,000 spectators. Taylor Swift, we escape it in Quebec, because we are not able to go to the stadiums, Minister Caroline Proulx has already stated to defend the idea of ​​​​it. renovate.

The Olympic Stadium enclosure has been closed since mid-December to allow exploratory work to replace the roof. The decision notably forced CF Montreal to move its opening match to Saputo Stadium in April.

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