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Olya Tsybulska released a new video “Birthday”, dedicated to all Ukrainians

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun1,2024

Olya Tsybulska released a new clip

Olya Tsybulska/instagram

On International Family Day, Ukrainian singer Olya Tsybulska presented a new song and video work “Birthday”. The network has already managed to evaluate the composition.

Performer Olya Tsybulska is celebrating her birthday, but not a real one. Watch the atmospheric video on YouTube.

According to the artist, you need to love yourself now, because in our reality, every new morning is not only the beginning of the day, but also a kind of birthday.

The older you get, the less you want to celebrate your birthday. Especially in such difficult times for all Ukrainian men and women, she shared. – It seems that it is not time. It seems that every year lived is a disadvantage, not an advantage. Because you take stock, evaluate what has been done, and often last year's wish list and reality do not match, she notes.

Olya Tsybulska tells her subscribers that growing up today is actually a luxury and an opportunity, thanks to God and the defense forces.

Network reaction:

  • “I want to celebrate my next birthday in a peaceful, free Ukraine”
  • “Such drive, such authenticity, very coolly done”
  • “Thank you to all the defenders for the new day and to you for a new song”
  • “That's for sure, now every day is like a gift. This damned war has taken away our peace and joy, it's gone”
  • “The song is great In just 5 days it will be 45. Just the anthem for today.”
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