Olya Polyakova showed her husband a touching and congratulated him on his birthday

The actress posted a picture to his Instagram

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Оля Полякова показала мужа и трогательно поздравила его с днем рождения

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Singer Olya Polyakova, who admitted that she was beaten by ex-boyfriend politician, showed my husband. The actress congratulated the wife happy birthday and published his photo in Instagram.

Previously Olya Polyakova admitted that, most likely, infected with coronavirus infection. According to singer, symptoms of the virus, which she picked up in Miami in January 2020, could be signs COVID-19.

Оля Полякова показала мужа и трогательно поздравила его с днем рождения

Olya Polyakova husband Vadim

Monday, June 29, husband of Olya Polyakova celebrated his birthday. In honor of this celebrity has published a rare photograph of her husband, will accompany the publication of tender words.

“This photo is so reflects you: in the mind fierce, but good inside. Strong but soft, solid, strong, but compliant when it comes to your girls! As all these qualities in you to get along so harmoniously, to live with you? We are warm and safe, we are surrounded by care and attention, love and compliments! And if girls choose men like my father, they will be incredibly lucky, because although such is no more. Be healthy and full of energy! Ride their horses, play tennis, do you, swim in the Bay and love us! And we’re so close!” – posted by Polyakov.

What the quarantine does Olya Polyakova, find out in the story:

Last year Olga and Vadim Polyakov noted 15 anniversary from the day of the wedding. They were married in 2004. The couple has two daughters – 15-year-old Maria and nine-year-old Alice.

Recently we wrote that Olga Polyakova was amazed at the Network of radical change of image.

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