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Olya Polyakova expressed support for LGBTQ+ and reacted to the hate of followers

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun20,2024

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Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova supports the LGBT community and the Equality March and publicly declares her position. The artist emphasizes that there is no place for homophobes in a civilized country. However, some users decided to criticize the performer because of this.

The performer Olya Polyakova did not tolerate hate and put her followers in their place. On her Instagram, the artist conducted a live broadcast, which she ironically called “Garden and Gomorrah”.

As the artist noted, this was the comment most often left by critics under the singer's post with the support of the LGBT community. Olya sharply responded to the most common criticisms of users.

I wholeheartedly support such things. I am in favor of people having a free choice of their own. Adults should decide which religion to have, which party to vote for, with whom to live and what to do, the artist emphasized.

In response to the words of users that it is inappropriate to hold Equality Marches during the war, Olya Polyakova noted that it was not a parade, but a peaceful action in support of the necessary civil partnership laws, as well as the problem of bullying and discrimination.

Olya Polyakova expressed support for LGBTQ+ and reacted to the hate of subscribers

Olya Polyakova

The star also added that she would calmly react to the children's decision to enter into a same-sex relationship. She respects each person's choice, so it's normal for her. In addition, Olya recalled a story when her youngest daughter Alisa imagined herself to be a boy for a certain time.

I said, “Okay, if you want to be a boy, what do you need?” She said to buy her men's trunks, dad bought them. The child swam in them for two years, then began to wear dresses again. What did she do like that? Because no one scared her. A child at this age begins to realize who he is, when this process passes, he is defined. The main thing is not to touch her, the star said.

The celebrity emphasized that many representatives of the LGBTQ+ community are currently defending the borders of Ukraine. According to the artist, equality of rights for all people is a civilized choice of the country.

Be tolerant and respect everyone's choice. It's not so scary to show your choice, it's scary when you show a power that can take away, crush and destroy. Therefore, people, love and respect each other. Partnership is support, love, respect, the singer assured.

Olya Polyakova expressed support for LGBTQ+ and reacted to the hate of subscribers

Olya Polyakova

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