Olivier Faure called “chinetoc” in a racist letter glorifying Pétain and Hitler

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mail faf The First Secretary of the Socialist Party published a letter he received from “voters of the extreme right”

Olivier Faure treated as

Olivier Faure, First Secretary of the PS. — Gabrielle CEZARD/SIPA

The violence of words sometimes leaves you speechless. Olivier Faure wanted to alert about the letters that he regularly receives, according to him, from voters of the far right. He published one of these letters stating that it was “a good synthesis of all the others”. It must be said that the text is unequivocal as to the racism of the author, glorifying at the same time both Marshal Pétain and Adolf Hitler.

The author treats the First Secretary of the Socialist Party as a “big bastard”, as an “diabolical animal” and « chinetoc » worthy of “all the rubbish of its kind”. The species in question designates people who, according to the author of the text, “recommend not talking about attacks when it is immigrants or documented French people who attack real people.” French (sic) ». This text formatted according to in the manner of a press article and accompanied by a photo of Olivier Faure is followed by a slogan written in red and calling for “Putting a man like Marshal PETAIN in power».

The author then calls for help. “gas all inferior races of African origin whose members have inherited wild genes from their ancestors, then to “eradicate all Freemasons and other enemies from within”. This racist text ends with: “It’Hitler was right.” For Olivier Faure, this is proof that the “trivialization of the far right frees the wildest impulses”.