Oliver Stone: “Use me as a witness”

Oliver Stone: “Use me as a witness”

Oliver Stone, by Daniel Bergeron. Indiewire 2016. No PR/No Release on file.
American filmmaker Oliver Stone has come to Lyon, France, to pay tribute to the Lumiere Film Festival.

Director of such sensational films as “Wall Street,” John F. Kennedy. Shots in Dallas “,” later – “Snowden”, “Interview with Putin”, screenwriter of the films “Scarface” and “Midnight Express”, was awarded three Oscars.

“My whole life is closely intertwined with cinema, and at the same time, it is part of American history, because I have made a lot of films about American history.” And I was there, at the junction of important time milestones, during the years of the Kennedy assassination and the Vietnam War that resulted. And I saw a lot as a witness, and that witness changed then … So, yes, my life is mixed with history, so why not use me as a witness, my ability and ability to look … and see and ask questions. .. and criticize too, “Oliver Stone said in an interview with Euronews.

Oliver Stone dedicated his recently published memoir, Chasing the Light, to that period of his life, from the 1950s to the 1980s, when he radically changed his political views.

“You will not find in the book what I think about now, because my views have undergone major changes since then. At that time, my views were very conservative in politics, and even after the Vietnam War, I remained so. But I returned and I was shocked by what I went through – it was creepy, and it made me rethink a lot. So this and other discoveries I made contributed to a greater understanding of my country, so this is a late discovery, “says Oliver Stone.

At the festival, viewers can watch a restored copy of the film “Born on July 4th” in an updated version. The famous Lyon Film Forum runs until October 18th.

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