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Olga Kharlan and the women's national team of Ukraine won the World Fencing Cup

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May20,2024

Olga Harlan and the women's national team of Ukraine won the World Fencing Cup

Women's national team of Ukraine won the victory/NOC of Ukraine

Ukrainian saber fencers won gold at the Fencing World Cup in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv on the last day of competition. Among them is the well-known fencer Olga Kharlan.

Sablist Olga Kharlan won the World Cup as part of the Ukrainian fencing team. This was reported by the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian team consisting of Olga Harlan, Alina Komaschuk, Olena Kravatska and Yulia Bakastova started their performances with a victory over Algeria ( 45:35), after which the USA representatives were forced to lay down their weapons in the quarter-finals (45:38).

In the semi-finals, Ukraine was opposed by France, the strongest national team in the world ranking. In particular, Sara Baltser, the leader of the personal standings, represented the opponents.

In the match for gold, the Ukrainian women defeated the Spain team. Going into the final battle with a score of 37:40, our Olympic champion Olga Harlan won for the team (45:43).

Olga Harlan and the women's team of Ukraine won the World Fencing Cup

The women's team of Ukraine won/FIE

For Ukrainian sabers, this is the third team medal World Cup in the season after silver in Athens and bronze in Sint-Niklaas and the first victory since May 2023, when gold was won in Batumi.

We should add that the women's saber fencing team of Ukraine qualified for the 2024 Olympic Games, where 8 national teams will participate in the team tournament. Before that, Ukrainian women will have one more competition – the European Championship.

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