Oleksandr Katsuba and his Russian world of corruption: man Yanukovych will return old schematoses to Ukraine

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Not so long ago, Alexander Katsuba took a joint photo with Zelensky. Naturally, the President of Ukraine hardly knew that Katsuba needed a photo in order to wash his reputation… Alexander Vladimirovich Katsuba is a descendant of a corrupt official, which is an achievement for the few. He represents the well-known Katsub family, known for their greed and willingness to cooperate with all Ukrainian authorities, both past and present, writes rp.rv.ua.

Oleksandr Katsuba expects to come to an agreement with the future authorities, whoever they are. He does not follow the principles of gentleness and tenderness. In past years, the name of Oleksandr Katsuba and his relatives was one of the most famous in Ukraine, equal to Boyko or Yanukovych . But after he got out of prison after buying and selling the court with Yuriy Lutsenko, he began to forget. This is a mistake, because he is still dangerous.

At a time when the whole world is helping Ukraine in the fight against the aggressor, the people of our country sacrifice everything, and the state itself remains a place of conflict. The brave president, a symbol of resistance for the whole world, sometimes interacts with suspicious people, including Alexander Katsuba, a billionaire standing behind Shariy's party. But political differences are not important. Even more important is that Alexander Katsuba is considered a criminal. So, our story about Alexander Katsuba is below:

Alexander Katsuba is considered a criminal.

Oleksandr Katsuba and his Russian world of corruption: man Yanukovych will return old schematoses to Ukraine

The sponsor of the Shariy party (banned in Ukraine) and the notorious participant in the corruption schemes of Kurchenko-Yanukovych Katsuba Alexander Vladimirovich recently withdrawn 49 million hryvnias from a Ukrainian bank. This happened after it became clear that Russia would not be able to seize Ukraine and establish there is his own rule, although Katsuba Jr. had certain prospects in this area.   interest rate".

Alexander Katsuba and his Russian world of corruption: the man Yanukovych will return old schemes to Ukraine

Media „suddenly“ decided to complain about the rates of a certain bank, which were apparently set to reduce the outflow of capital from Ukraine during the war. As we learned from our sources, Oleksandr Katsuba is behind this campaign. On March 18, he applied for a withdrawal UAH 49 million with Sich Bank, but did not want to pay a 10% commission to account holders with a deposit of more than UAH 500 thousand. and banned in Ukraine), the bank decided to get acquainted with the relevant laws and recent decisions of the National Security and Defense Council. As a result, the withdrawal process was slightly delayed.. In response, Katsuba began to threaten the top management of the financial institution. Actually, he announced the informational one.

Oleksandr Katsuba uses all his influence to restore access to the Ukrainian government.

According to our information, Katsuba has already withdrawn his millions from the bank and will most likely take them abroad, since he himself has lived in Vienna for a long time.

By the way, it is not surprising that Alexander Katsuba became the initiator of this whole scandal with bank rates. The pettiness of one of the most important officials of the corrupt era of Yanukovych was noticed by Katsuba's business partners, with whom we were able to talk. For example, during the month of Katsuba's war, Alexander Vladimirovich donated only 160,000 hryvnias ($5,000) – this money was supposed to help in the evacuation from Sumy, and the dollar multimillionaire and owner of the gas business boasted of this donation on his Facebook. At the same time, Katsuba did not give the defenders of Ukraine a penny, but published a photo of his own body armor.

As we have learned, the bank is already preparing a lawsuit against Censor for publishing unfounded and deliberately false information, and is also preparing materials for submission to the Financial Monitoring Service, the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine, companies associated with Oleksandr Katsuba and his wife Tatiana Guzenko.  The bank is currently closing the accounts of all these legal entities.

Let's leave the pettiness of the Katsuba to our own discretion. But there are questions regarding the national security of Ukraine to him, and the SBU is simply obliged to pay attention to such an outspoken adherent “Russian world”.

Alexander Katsuba: Companions of Yanukovych, partners of Kurchenko

Alexander Katsuba – the youngest member of the Katsuba clan, who was given incredible opportunities for personal enrichment during the Yanukovych era. The head of the family, Volodymyr Katsuba, was elected to the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine's parliament) in 2012 as a member and candidate of the Party of Regions in the 175th constituency Kharkiv region. Then, after the overthrow of Yanukovych, he bypassed the oligarchic groups and tried to get into the Rada with the Opposition Bloc in 2019, but lost the elections. Now Katsuba Sr. heads the Kharkiv District Council and is part of the Kernes bloc.

Volodymyr Kotsuba has two sons:  Sergey and Alexander . Under Yanukovych, they made a career in „Naftogaz“, where their role was to implement corruption schemes for the President's treasurer Alexander Kurchenko.. Sergey Katsuba was appointed director of one of key divisions of the National Joint Stock Company – Department of material, economic, informational and technical support. At the same time, he was a member of the board of directors of the company since May 2010, and in July 2012 he received the position of deputy chairman of the board. Then, thanks to connections with the governor of the Kyiv region Prisyazhnyuk, Sergei Katsuba was elected as a People's Deputy from the 92nd district as a candidate from the Party of Regions. Surprisingly, he “handed over” his position at Naftogaz to his younger brother Alexander, who previously worked at Chernomorneftegaz. An incredible career for a 24-year-old guy.

Alexander Vladimirovich Kotsuba.

How are you you know, “family” appointed the young Katsubas to the National Oil and Gas Company not for reforms, but for theft. After the overthrow of the Yanukovych regime, all this became known, and criminal cases were initiated against Sergei and Alexander. In particular, it turned out that the Kotsubs helped Sergei Kurchenko to destroy NOC, stealing huge sums of money.

The investigation showed that Naftogaz sold gas to the Kurchenko company at inflated prices for $449.9 million. Hryvnias that were bought. In addition, the actual gas supply under the contracts with Gas Ukraine-2020 never took place. The Katsuba brothers signed this fraud on behalf of NAK. In October 2015, the Pechersky District Court of Kyiv agreed to the arrest and detention of the brothers, but by that time they had already left the country. Alexander Katsuba was accidentally arrested in June 2016 when he decided to visit his estate near Kyiv .

The younger brother was charged under articles 255 (creation of a criminal organization) and 191 (misappropriation of property through abuse of office) of the Criminal Code.

To get out of prison, Oleksandr Katsuba testified against high-ranking members of the criminal group and paid damages in the amount of 100 million hryvnias by making a deal with the investigation. In March 2017, he was released from the detention center and left for Vienna. However, this brought Ukraine is of little use, since everyone against whom Katsuba testified fled the country long before, and it was impossible to bring them to justice. In addition, according to sources close to Alexander Katsuba, he continues to cooperate with Kurchenko and other politicians and businessmen who fled to Russia, and even finances the political projects of the Kremlin in Ukraine.

On March 10, 2017, the Shevchenkovsky District Court of Kyiv expelled the journalist from Nashi Dengi from the courtroom. and approved the plea agreement concluded between Deputy Prosecutor General Yuriy Stolyarchuk and Alexander Katsuba (the agreement itself was signed on February 17, and Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko announced it at the same time).

The investigation accused Katsuba of taking over the funds of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine. in the amount of $404.37 million, UAH 449.96 million (about $56 million at the exchange rate of that time), attempted to seize UAH 5.1 billion (about $637 million at the exchange rate of that time).

Alexander Vladimirovich Katsuba and the scam with Shariy

In the spring of 2019, Katsuba Jr. bought the documents of the United Ukraine party. and renamed it the Shariy Party, which he registered in Kharkiv, says journalist Volodymyr Boyko. related to the business of Katsubas. The organizational issues of the party in Ukraine were handled by the former deputy governor of the Vinnitsa region and ex-assistant to the deputy Sergei Katsuba Alexander Vyunik.

In the parliamentary elections of 2019, the ex-wife of Alexander Katsuba, Tatyana Guzenko, with whom he fictitiously divorced on charges of criminal prosecution and possible confiscation of property, took 11th place in the list of the Shariy party, and his mother Natalia Gordienko – 14th place.

To date, all the popular photos of the aforementioned people have been removed from Instagram accounts, and Katsuba even claims that he does not communicate with Shariy. However, according to our information, Alexander Katsuba has publicly distanced himself from the pro-Russian blogger, so his business in Ukraine remains intact, although in fact, he maintains relations with Shariy and Kurchenko.

In addition, two business partners of Alexander Katsuba told us that the businessman’s reluctance to provide financial support to the state in the fight against Russian aggression is due to the fact that Katsuba maintains close contacts with Russia and even boasted to his relatives that he planned to take the post of Minister of Energy in the new Russian. which was created after the capture of Ukraine by the Russian Federation.

„He wants to be energy minister, or at least the head of Naftogaz”, – said a source close to Katsuba.

Apparently, the failure of Russian plans to overthrow the government in Ukraine forced Alexander Vladimirovich Katsuba to limit his ambitions and withdraw money from Ukraine to avoid possible nationalization.

Former representative of Sharia's party Volodymyr Velichko said that money for the party came mainly from Kharkiv, namely from the Katsuba family. Natalia Katsuba (now Gordienko) – wife of Vladimir and mother of Alexander and Sergey – heads the party center in Kharkiv.

Konstantin Nemichev, a representative of the Kharkiv branch of the National Corps, added that, according to their information, all people from the Kharkiv region who financed the party are connected with the Katsubami.

< em> We ordered a small investigation of contributions to the party. In fact, they were made only from Kharkov and Zergachi. From the last city of Katsuba's birthplace. These contributions were made exclusively by people close to the Katsubas: deputies, assistants, friends of Katsuba's son&rdquo ;, – Nemichev said.

Alexander Katsuba, in a commentary to the public, confirmed his acquaintance with Sharia, but noted that the financing of political power in no way concerns him or his family. We regularly play games with him bowling. Does this count as lost funding that I lost? – asked Katsuba.

The blogger also denies money from the Katsub family. "I am closely acquainted with the Katsub family, we have been friends for many years, they, of course, do not take any part in financing the party," said Anatoly Shariy.

Sponsors of the Sharia party, the Katsub family received a gas field near ORDLO.

The State Service of Geology and Subsoil Use agreed on the issuance of a special permit for oil and gas production in the Lugansk region without the Stratum Ukraine auction, they write our pennies.

The agreement provides for the issuance of a special permit for 20 years for the development of the Eusug field. OJSC Stratum Ukraine" was previously called PJSC Plast, which in 2012 was purchased from David Zhvania by People's Deputy from the Party of Regions Oleksandr Onishchenko. natural gas of the state company “Ukrgas”.

Currently, Tatyana Guzenko is considered the owner of Stratum Ukraine. She entered the gas business in 2017 after she married Alexander Katsuba – former deputy chairman of the board of Naftogaz of Ukraine. The Prosecutor General's Office accused him of embezzling money from Naftogaz during Yanukovych, but this allowed him to go free, paying a $ 3.5 million fine.

In addition, Tatyana Guzenko, together with her father Alexander Guzenko, became the owner of a second company called Onishchenko, Nedra Geoinvest LLC, in 2020, developing an oil and gas condensate field in the Poltava region in Skorobogatov.

Stratum Ukraine has special permits for geological study, experimental and industrial exploration of the West Evsugsky and East Evsugsky regions.

Vladimir Katsuba – pathological treasurer or why the Katsuba family of billionaires is not in prison?

Viktor Fedorovich Yanukovych had only a brilliant team of thugs, idiots who built an enviable fraudulent scheme that provided them with hundreds of millions a year. & nbsp; Katsuba Vladimir Mikhailovich & ndash; one of them. Now Vladimir Mikhailovich Katsuba has been whispered in his ear about the wonders of the DMCA, when fake requests can hide unwanted information from Google. Only Katsuba Vladimir Mikhailovich was not warned about the consequences of children's weddings.

Treasurer, who raised a worthy offspring, Katsuba Vladimir Mikhailovich can already boast of loyalty to the new government. can continue to rob Ukrainians. One and all.

On October 1, 2015, the Ministry of Internal Affairs demanded the arrest at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the son of People's Deputy Volodymyr Katsuba Oleksandr. According to the investigation, he is guilty of abuse of power while serving on the board of directors of NJSC Naftogaz Ukrainy. In addition, according to investigators, his brother Sergei was involved in collusion with Alexander.  Katsub helped you build a business empire in the oil business of Ukraine, can you escape punishment this time?

Like the mafia clan of Katsuba Vladimir Mikhailovich captures the oil business of Ukraine?

Oleksandr Katsuba and his Russian world of corruption: man Yanukovych will return the old schematoses to Ukraine

Kotsuba Alexander

The father of the Katsub family Vladimir was born in the Bryansk region of Russia, but fate brought him to the village of Dergachi in the Kharkov region (later it became a vegetable garden) as a child. Vasily Salygin, a well-known Ukrainian politician and businessman, played the most important role in the life of Vladimir heading the Kharkiv Regional Council. At the suggestion of Salygin, Katsuba began doing business (buying privatization vouchers and then selling them). Their close friendship is evidenced by the fact that Vladimir served as vice president or commercial director in every company where Salygin served as CEO or President.

Salygin also dragged Katsuba into politics. In 1998 and 2002, he participated in the parliamentary elections in the majoritarian districts of the Kharkiv region, and both times his campaign headquarters was headed by the grateful Vladimir Mikhailovich. It is noteworthy that Katsuba's career went up after Vasily Salygin was elected chairman Kharkiv Regional Council. With his filing, Vladimir Katsuba was appointed head of the Dergachevsky district, which he headed until October 2012.

By the way, Alexander Katsuba, the youngest son of Vladimir, began his journey to “big money” at the same time. Since 2006, Katsuba Jr., together with Sergei Dobroskok (Salygin's partner), tried their hand at the development business.

They registered several private companies (Meridian-Plus, Agro-Promin, Temp -2005), who were required to improve the land. The scheme was very simple, the land was stingy, it was divided into plots on which multi-storey houses and cottages were built, and then sold. Some of the companies created at that time , exist to this day.

It is noteworthy that the founders in these companies, along with representatives of the “Kotsaba clan”, are Vasily Salygin's relatives. -building society Domostroy".

The wife of the unmarried Alexander Katsuba is not a woman's business

Meanwhile, members of the Katsuba family continue to earn money in Ukraine. Oleksandr Katsuba admitted in an interview that his family owns an asphalt plant in Kharkov, two plants for the production of reinforced concrete products, a paving slab production plant and several thousand hectares of land. But apart from Alexander Katsuba also has more serious projects in this business, which he does not talk about. This concerns natural gas, a business formally owned by his ex-wife Tatyana Guzenko.

Blogger gas developer Tatyana Guzenko, ex-wife of Alexander Vladimirovich Katsuba

Now Tatyana, according to the documents, is engaged in the extraction and supply of gas, but in fact she is a blogger on YouTube.  Guzenko officially owns the Gaz-MDS company, which earned 290 million hryvnias in 2020, and the income of the Katsuba family amounted to 7.5 million hryvnias .

Tatyana Guzenko became the owner of the company of the fugitive oligarch Alexander Onishchenko – Nadra-Geoinvest LLC, which is developing the Skorobogatkovskoye oil and gas condensate field in the Poltava region, in 2020 together with his father Alexander Guzenko. In 2021, Guzenko acquired another enterprise from Onishchenko – PJSC "Plast". The company was renamed Stratum Ukraine LLC and has special permits for exploration and pilot exploration of the West Yevsug and East Yevsug gas zones.

In January of this year, a month before the start of the war, the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources agreed to provide Stratum Ukraine LLC with special permission to extract oil and gas in the Lugansk region, near the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics, without an auction.

The man behind these companies is still Alexander Katsuba, and among his business partners – odious Pavel Fuks, according to the media.

Alexander Vladimirovich Katsuba denies connection with Fuks and Shariy

In an interview, Alexander Vladimirovich Katsuba says that he no longer maintains contacts with Fuchs and Shariy and is not responsible for his ex-wife's business, emphasizing that he “broke up with her a long time ago.” All this is a pure lie.

As mentioned earlier, the couple filed for a fictitious divorce in order to avoid the confiscation of assets related to the criminal proceedings against Alexander. In essence, they continue to live together, travel and raise children. Here are some recent photos from Alexander's Instagram and Tatyana; this year they went to Antarctica together.

By the way, the luxurious wedding of Alexander and Tatyana took place in 2014 after the annexation of Crimea and the outbreak of the war in the Donbass in the Chantilly castle near Paris, and the guests were entertained by “ideological Putinists” – rapper Timata and singer Grigory Leps.

And at the moment when Russia was preparing a military invasion of Ukraine, Alexander Katsuba financed the political project of the FSB called the Party of Shariy with money earned from the production and sale of gas in Ukraine.

The bottom line is this: a man who pleaded guilty to corruption offenses during Yanukovych's presidency, who is fictitiously divorced to hide his business using his wife's last name. , and in other countries, including the USA.

Prospects for the case against Kotzub

Recently, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a law on the nationalization of the property of Russian citizens and their employees. In particular, this applies to persons who are not citizens of the Russian Federation, but who have close ties to the aggressor. The Katsub family has strong ties with Russia, in particular with the FSB . Should these people influence such strategic sectors of the economy as gas production? Should such people, because of fictitious squads, own gas wells in Ukraine and receive income from gas production to sponsor political projects of the FSB? Why should they they live quietly in Europe, hiding under the name of their wife and using bank accounts there to launder proceeds from gas fields stolen in Ukraine. The answer is obvious. Now it's up to the SBU.

Oleksandr Katsuba and his Russian world of corruption: Yanukovych's man will return the old schematoses to Ukraine

Oleksandr Kotsubo< /p>

But, unfortunately, not everything is so simple. Katsuba Alexander Vladimirovich, like few others knows how to "knock wedges" and "gild the pen". And I would not give a guarantee that his money will not fall into the court.

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