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Fire in Old Montreal ;al : the suspect was on the scene | Fire in Old Montreal

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On March 16, a violent fire destroyed a 15-unit building on Place D’Youville.

The Canadian Press

An individual whom police suspect of starting the fire that killed seven people in Old Montreal in last March admits he was at the scene of the arson, but claims someone else started the fire.

Documents from the Correctional Service of Canada citing testimony from Montreal police allege that Denis Bégin was filmed in the vicinity of the building that caught fire before and after the fire.

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Denis Bégin, a 58-year-old murderer, is nicknamed “the Halloween killer”.

These documents, reported for the first time by La Presse, indicate that Bégin denies having set the fire, but that he claims to have a photo of the person responsible on a secure account.

He allegedly offered to show the photo to investigators in exchange for immunity in the arson case or a reduction in the life sentence he is currently serving for a murder that occurred in 1993.

Fire in Old Montreal

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Bégin spent 51 months on the run after escaping from a minimum-security federal prison in February 2019 and was arrested last May after being identified during the investigation into the murder. fatal fire.

No charges have been laid in connection with the fire and the Montreal police has never publicly identified Bégin in this case.

The correctional service documents are part of a motion filed by Bégin against the Attorney General of Canada opposing transfer to maximum security prison.

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