Okupanty to bring military equipment from Mariupol

Okupanty to bring military equipment from Mariupol

Okupantsi show military equipment from Mariupol

Russian military started importing equipment from Timchas-occupied Mariupol. The columns are collapsing towards Berdyansk-Pologi.

It is mentioned in the Telegram channel of Piotr Andryushchenko, the Mayor of Mariupol.

Behind Andryushchenko’s words, the occupiers dismantled stationary checkpoints in the city

"Change of tactics of the military’ is due to the removal of a large surplus of occupiers from the place on the other side of the front. Banal resource failure. Zakrema, the other day after the great columns of machinery flood Mariupol and the Mariupol region directly in Berdyansk-Pologi, – write Andryushchenko.

describe propaganda. Russian soldiers can’t keep up the fight, but the rozma about the building is full – more.

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga