"OK" made an offer for 001P-04 bonds from IFX for December 23

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O'Key (LON:OKEYq) LLC made an offer on December 23, in agreement with the owners, for bonds of series 001P-04 in the amount of not more than 4 million bonds , the company said.

The presentation period is from December 15 to December 21.

The buyback price will not exceed 98, 5% of the nominal value and will be announced no later than December 22, 2022 inclusive.

Raiffeisenbank will act as the acquisition agent.

The company placed 10-year bonds for 5 billion rubles in November 2020 at a quarterly coupon rate of 7.5% per annum before the offer with expiration in November 2023.

Currently There are three issues of exchange-traded bonds of O'Key LLC with a total volume of 15 billion rubles and an issue of exchange-traded bonds of O'Key Finance LLC for 8.5 billion rubles.

The Group O'Key operates hypermarkets and discounters of the same name “Yes!”. At the end of September, the group united 79 hypermarkets and 172 discounters.


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