Ohisalo says: I was attacked – “I didn't continue campaigning in that situation”

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Almost all party leaders have experienced harassment either online or at campaign sites. Party chairmen talk about the harassment they have experienced while campaigning. Yesterday at 17:39 (edited yesterday at 19:13)

Chairmen of Finland's major parties and party representatives say that almost every one of them has encountered some form of harassment in their representation or campaigning duties.

Maria Ohisalo, the leader of the Greens, tells Iltalehti's presidential exam that she was attacked during the last municipal election campaign.

– I was so scared that I didn't continue campaigning in that situation, Ohisalo says.

On Saturday, the attack on the coalition candidate Ben Zyskowicz caused concern even around the world. Jussi Saramo of the Left Alliance points out that the campaigning in Finland has been great, because the politicians have been able to be close to the people. Now, however, the situation looks worrying.

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The attack on Ben Zyskowicz made headlines around the world

Harassment is especially a problem on the internet and social media, but there is also insecurity in campaigning situations.

– I think there was such a situation yesterday that for me it was said that “don't go in that direction, because there is a person behaving aggressively”, the chairman of the association Petteri Orpo says.

– There is nothing new in itself, but voices have hardened, Saramo states.

Chairman of the center Annika Saarikko sympathizes with Saramo.

– This round speaks volumes. Yes, I too have unpleasant situations where my physical integrity has been at stake, Saarikko states.

– Each party thinks about what it says and how much it exaggerates and smears other parties, Orpo specifies the parties' responsibilities.< /p>

Ohisalo tells: Kimppuuni hyö was used – ”I did not continue campaigning in that situation”

Maria Ohisalo says that she has also been in the district court for threats she has experienced on social media. Atte Kajova

Ohisalo says: I was attacked – “I did not continue campaigning in that situation”

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