Officials of the Congress leave work to go to the premises of Somos Perú

Officials of the Congress leave work to go to the premises of Somos Perú

During office hours they did partisan work, revealed “Fourth Power”.

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Congress officials quit work to go to a local Somos Perú

A worker's version contradicts that of the bench's spokesman. (Photo: Manuel Melgar/File)

Three workers of the Congress of the Republic did not They fulfilled their functions within the Legislature and, during working hours, they frequented a local Somos Perú (SP) located in La Victoria to carry out party activities.

As revealed by “Fourth Power”, they are Mario Fernández Garibay, Adais Luna Espinoza and Luis Tordoya Suca, advisor, assistant and technician of the SP bench, respectively. The three were caught entering and leaving the party premises during office hours for several days.

Fernández, general secretary of SP, assured that he was doing remote work. However, the bench's spokesman, Wilmar Elera, gave another version: he pointed out that the official requested a license to deal with problems with the registration of candidates in the municipal and regional elections next October.

“I have given permission to him and three other people who work in Congress,” he said. But the procedure was not carried out through the Parliament's human resources area, so those involved continue to collect their salaries, denounced “Fourth Estate”.

Elera added that today he would regularize the employment situation of those involved.