Off the coast of Greenland found underwater soft “coral garden”

Scientists have proposed the UN to protect underwater soft “coral gardens” off the coast of Greenland, which was found by marine scientists during research. The colony of polyps is vulnerable to external stimuli and require special care and attention from people.

У берегов Гренландии нашли подводный мягкий «коралловый сад»

At the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Greenland is home to over 2000 organisms. The island’s population depends on underwater inhabitants, so scientists and offered to take this area under special control. The situation was commented by the oceanographer from the Institute of natural resources Martin Blicher. Coral polyps are an indicator of the status of coastal waters. They are affected by the slightest change in environmental conditions. For example, if the average temperature increase on Earth, the development of coral suspended. Scientists predict the disappearance of the Great Barrier reef in the twenty-first century. Prevents the development of polyps and the accumulation of carbon dioxide in water. Due to the increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide increases the risk of new infections.

The original coral colony was found West of Greenland in Davis Strait. To study the organisms used “bathyscaphe”, consisting of video cameras, metal housing and electronic equipment. Scientists lowered the instruments to the sea bottom and with the help of this method explored the region. According to experts, the ocean is worse than Mars. Discovered polyps is not protected by a shell of calcium. Therefore they are called soft. They are sensitive to global climate change and overfishing. Oceanographers suggest the UN to take under the protection region is an area of 486 square km.

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