Of good “Funny Veronic” DiCaire

Of good “Funny Veronic” DiCaire

In the new sketch series Funny Véronic, Véronic DiCaire, helped by her acolytes, imitates, parodies, and much more, always in a good mood. The time of a wink, Metro gives you an overview.

Véronic DiCaire is having a great time. In Funny Véronic, imitator and singer makes us discover a new facet of her talent, that of actress.

“I had a blast! Putting on wigs, putting on makeup, dressing up, parodying… These are things that I don’t do at all in my show. There, I had fun like crazy playing in front of the camera with my buddies. I love that! It’s a lot of work, but we had a lot of fun! ”, Enthuses the artist during a virtual press conference.

Even if some sketches remain imitations, like the hilarious musical commas, others are pure inventions. This is the case of Gladys in particular, this character of real estate agent a bit vulgar “with his complexion Fort Lauderdale”.

“I have a soft spot for these characters that have been created,” admits Véronic DiCaire, welcoming the teamwork to build these roles. And to continue: “we created the character of Gladys all together. One morning, I arrived on the set with a proposal and everyone, including technicians, gave me their opinion. ”

“Musical commas are a lot like what I do on stage in my show. We wanted to keep that to imitate singers that we don’t necessarily see in the sketches. Sometimes they make a connection with the sequel. I am very happy with it. ” Véronic DiCaire on Funny Véronic

Talented comic

Without revealing too much, we will also attend Bedroom in the countryside, delicious parody of the cult soap from the 1980s and 1990s Room in town. “I remember a scene where we were all very stressed. I had to imitate Anne Dorval, who is a personality that I respect and admire so much. Everyone was nervous. Which made for an incredible skit. We go out of our comfort zone, so we are together holding hands to move forward with our characters. It’s a great challenge, ”she recalls then.

Beyond Véronic DiCaire’s undeniable talent, the originality of the mosaic of sketches by Funny Véronic lies in remarkable writing and interpretations. With the authors Marie-Andrée Labbé, Josée Fortier, Virginie Fortin and Odrée Rousseau, laughter is guaranteed.

On screen, the new actress can also count on Éric Bernier, Catherine Chabot, Joanie Guérin, Gabrielle Côté and other actors at the peak of their art to carry out the sharp texts of this 100% female team.

In addition, a few surprise guests make an appearance here and there, for our greatest pleasure!

Finally, Josée Fortier, who also occupies the chair of content producer and script-editor, certifies that in Funny Véronic, there is something for all tastes, all generations. “We walk around both current programs and memories”.

Funny Véronic

From this Wednesday 9:30 p.m. at TVA


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