O’brien: Russia follows the US President

Assistant Donald trump made a statement regarding the reasons for the US withdrawal from the Treaty of open skies. Robert O’brien is confident that Russia abused the terms of the agreement for the surveillance of the President of the state.

О’Брайен: Россия следит за президентом США

Assistant to Donald trump became a member of one of the programs on American television channel Fox. During the broadcast Robert O’brien told the audience that was the main cause of US withdrawal from the Treaty of open skies. According to us policy, the agreement allowed Russia to conduct surveillance of Donald trump, which was carried out by the use of aircraft with special equipment on Board.

Recall, the open skies Agreement allowed the participating countries to make observation flights over the territories of other States. Russia has not yet responded to such a serious indictment of American policy, therefore, is not yet known, did indeed domestic intelligence spying on the President of the United States.

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