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NYKUR Spirits, a multi-award-winning brand of premium-grade organic vodka, has been announced as the winner of a competitive “Double Gold” award from the Denver International Spirits Competition

Wine Country Network, Inc. hosted the 11th Annual Denver International Spirits Competition on March 19 and 30, 2022. The annual packaging and design contest assembled a nationally recognized panel of professional graphic designers, art directors, and wine retailers to select spirits with the best packaging designs. Spirits that entered the competition had their labels reviewed, and elements like graphics, color schemes, font styles, and font sizes on labels were judged for their attractiveness.

Judges then award brands Double Gold, Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards in categories that included Best Design, Best Packaging Series, and Most Original Product Design. NYKUR Spirits quickly became a top favorite in the eyes of the nationally recognized panel, in part due to its Nordic design and blend of unique graphical elements, colors, and tones, which impressed even veteran judges. The company has taken great steps to stand out amongst competitors not just in terms of internal taste and organic quality, but in terms of external style, design, and branding to attract consumers of organic vodkas and spirits as well.


“Organic is the future, and should be a choice of the present,” remarked Mattias Longaa, CEO of NYKUR Spirits. “We have successfully combined Scandinavian design with organic purity in this multi-award-winning vodka. We are grateful for the support and recognition we have received at events like the 11th Annual Denver International Spirits Competition,” he added.


NYKUR Spirits’ success at the competition is the latest in which the brand and its Danish organic vodkas have been recognized for embracing Nordic design. The brand previously secured gold medals for design at the 2020 Proof Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada, in addition to its countless award wins[JM2]  for quality at international competitions and tastings. As a leading brand of premium-grade organic vodka, NYKUR Spirits has achieved acclaim for its organic formulations derived from natural, volcanic waters in Denmark’s Faroe Islands. The natural waters infused in each spirit have undergone 10,000 years of natural refinement and distillation, which have enriched them with unique minerals, golden tones, and organic spring wheat that give a rich, soft, and signature taste.


To learn more, please visit https://nykur.com/

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