Nutritionist told why it is dangerous to go on a diet before the New Year

Nutritionist told why it is dangerous to go on a diet before the New Year

Nutritionist Angelica Duval spoke about the dangers of dieting before the New Year. According to the specialist, it is best to take care of the body after the holidays by arranging a fasting day.

The nutritionist told why it is dangerous to diet before the New Year

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Thanks to this, slags and toxins are removed, the doctor noted. In turn, Duvall does not recommend sticking to giving preference to limited meals before the New Year. Girls who want to look good during a festive feast often prefer to diet a few days before the event. However, this cannot be done. According to the expert, after a long hunger strike, eating fatty foods harms the liver, pancreas and microflora. Some time after the meal, the belly swells quite strongly and the woman looks worse than before. To improve your well-being, it is necessary to carry out several unloading ones.

On the New Year's table, according to the nutritionist, there should be vegetable slices, and dinner should be started with 50 g of vegetables. Due to the presence of plant fiber in them, the consumption of junk food is reduced. It is not recommended to overeat during the festive meal, since most of the poisoning after the event is associated with the wrong combination of foods.

“We need to think over the menu for the New Year in advance. Better to choose either fish or meat. When eating everything in a row, the body is not able to digest a large amount of fat, food rots in the stomach. For this reason, it is important to choose one thing, ”said the doctor. A dietitian advises against mixing carbonated drinks and alcohol. Better to choose homemade compotes. Sweets are not recommended to be consumed at night, they must be left for the next day, according to Nation News.

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