The consumption of tea and coffee always increases with the onset of winter. Nutritionist Natalya Nefedova warned that caffeinated drinks should not be addicted, as they can be harmful to health.

Dietitian Nefedova warned about the dangers of tea and coffee in winter

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As Natalya Nefedova explained, with an excess of caffeine in the human body, the frequency increases heart contractions. Do not abuse tea and coffee for people with hypertension. These drinks will really help to cheer up, but only for a short time, and then fatigue will return, and stronger than the one that was before. Caffeine increases nervousness and disrupts sleep. Pregnant women should also limit tea and coffee. In addition, there is a place to be individual sensitivity.

According to the nutritionist, alternatives can always be found. We are talking, for example, about infusions of herbs such as chamomile or mint. This tea has a calming effect. As additives, you can use cinnamon and apple. When switching from coffee to herbs, if it is sharply difficult to do this, it is worth drinking chicory or cocoa for a while.



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