Nutritionist Maria Kalugina called the products that are dangerous to eat in the heat

Nutritionist Maria Kalugina has told, what products is better to refuse in the heat. In the period when the street has high temperature, it is necessary to refuse from fat food, since it turns out a negative impact on the body.

Нутрициолог Мария Калугина назвала продукты, которые опасно есть в жару

The specialist noted that it is undesirable to use perishable products: meat marinade, milk and derivatives, tartare, carpaccio. In the summer it is important to reduce the amount of carbohydrates, because they cause damage to the cardiovascular system. In addition, it is better not to drink alcohol.

In the heat those who have a headache or racing heart rate, no need to get carried away with rice, bread, pancakes and pastries. The emphasis should on berries and vegetables. People who are overweight, do not eat a lot of fruit.

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