Nutritionist denied the benefits of eating kefir before bedtime

Nutritionist denied the benefits of eating kefir before bedtime

Nutritionist Svetlana Trapeznikova denied the use of kefir before bedtime. As it turned out, the last meal should be not only light, but also useful for the body, for this reason, the expert recommends giving preference to fish with vegetables or green salad.

Nutritionist denied the benefits of eating kefir before bedtime

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A healthy diet should consist of breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks. If at least one meal is excluded from the daily diet, you can face negative consequences for the body. Modern nutritionists report that not eating after six is not only ineffective, but also harmful. It is necessary to build a diet so that the last meal was three hours before bedtime. However, sometimes a light dinner makes the stomach “seethe” unpleasantly.

According to the nutritionist, it is not recommended to refuse food intake. “In the evening, the body prepares for rest. Sleep is necessary for every person, because at this time the body regenerates, during which the information received during the day is processed, and many other important processes. Metabolism slows down at night. As a result, food in the gastrointestinal tract begins to ferment, and bile stagnates, ”the expert said. She also recalled that you should not overload the digestive tract with dense food, otherwise energy is spent on digesting it and there is a shortage of time for recovery and rest.

However, if you want to have a snack, you need to choose foods that are less harmful before bed. For example, they should include light proteins and fiber. “When foods are heat-treated, the latter is absorbed faster, as a result of which the digestive tract can more easily cope with their digestion at night. Berries are also suitable as a night snack, but they should not contain a large amount of sugar. You can give preference to blueberries or lingonberries. It is better to give up sweets, pastries, sausages and fried meat before going to bed, ”advises the nutritionist.

It is better to leave drinking coffee and chocolate in the morning, as these products lead to the production of endorphins, which excite the nervous system and cause insomnia. Dairy products are also not good for bedtime. It does not have a high glycemic index, but because of it, the level of insulin in a person's blood can increase. As a result, you can gain extra pounds, reports “Word and Deed”.

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