Nutritionist Batul El-Alva, in an article for the Lebanese edition of Ad-Diyar, called noodles the most popular food in the world. We are talking about fast food, and such food is a great threat to health. ” alt=”Nutritionist Batul El-Alva told what is the harm of instant noodles” />

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For example, regular use of “instant noodles” is violated the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, there is inflammation and increased acidity in the stomach. Since the noodles are sometimes deep-fried, almost all of their nutritional value simply disappears, but the concentration of saturated fats increases. Elevated sodium in the dish increases blood pressure – this will negatively affect the work of the heart.

Instant noodles contain monosodium glutamate, which causes headaches and weakness, and a person may also complain of muscle strain or rapid pulse. You can replace the product with quinoa noodles, rice noodles, fruits and peanuts.



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