Nutritionist: Avocado helps fight baldness

Nutritionist: Avocado helps fight baldness

Ryan Raman, a New Zealand nutritionist, said avocados can help fight hair loss. The doctor also named other beneficial properties of the fruit.

Nutritionist: Avocado helps fight baldness

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The avocado, which is rich in potassium, helps the body develop stress resistance. The fruit protects the skin from damage and oxidative stress, because this is what provokes baldness.

Also, the fruit has a positive effect on many organs. For example, it helps with memory concentration, normalizes water-salt balance, and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Avocado may not be to everyone's liking, but for health benefits, it should be included in the diet, as many doctors say. The fruit goes well with meat or fish, so you can try these salads. Avocado also contributes to weight loss, because it is indispensable in the diet menu or for those who adhere to proper nutrition.

Mexico, namely the state of Michoacan, is a major avocado producer and a world leader in its supply.

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