NumeriQ wins three awards at the Excellence in Digital Publishing Awards

NumeriQ wins three awards at the Excellence in Digital Publishing Awards

NumeriQ, Quebecor’s digital content company, has won three awards at the Excellence in Digital Publishing Awards, given each year to the best journalistic projects across the country.

“This is pretty good news. We can be proud of that. At NumeriQ, it is the collaboration between the various trades that helped us win these awards, ”said Benoit Dussault, production manager at NumeriQ.

Among these prizes, the team responsible for putting the “Journal de Montréal” and “Journal de Québec” website online won gold in the “Best interactive report / infographic” category for its Interactive table on the evolution of the pandemic, which shows the number of COVID-19 cases by region of Quebec and by Canadian province. The information is updated daily.

“What [la pandémie et le télétravail] have led is that everything related to the pandemic and its coverage would push us to create specific projects that would mobilize all the troops, explained Mr. Dussault. We felt a commitment to deliver an interactive project to follow the pandemic on a daily basis in Quebec. Everyone was working hard because we felt it was an unprecedented crisis. ”

“Tabloïd”, a NumeriQ publication focused on unconventional stories and characters, won gold and silver in the “Best Video Content” category, first in the Media section, and second in the Consumer section.

The top prize went to a video report titled “The Last Trapper,” which portrayed Richard, a marginal man who is the last to practice the trade of trapper, a trade that was once common but is now endangered.

The money went to the video report “The Green Island”, which deals with the disarray in which the inhabitants of the Green Island found themselves last winter. For more than 70 years, a signposted ice bridge has been built every winter, but due to global warming it has been impossible to build, leaving the islanders isolated.

“What I like about the prizes we have won [jeudi]is that it demonstrates a diversity of approaches. This is how lucky we are at NumeriQ: we can make interactive tools as much as we can do video reports in the field, mini-docs, etc. This versatility is what is beautiful, it is what drives us, ”added Benoit Dussault.

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