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Numbers of Ukrainian operators Kyivstar and Vodafone will start with new codes: what owners of old SIM cards need to know

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May27,2024

The numbers of Ukrainian operators Kyivstar and Vodafone will start with new codes: what owners of old SIM cards need to know

The two largest mobile operators of Ukraine , Kyivstar and Vodafone, major changes are planned. They introduce numbers with new codes. That is, new subscribers of these operators will already receive numbers starting with new codes. At the same time, old customers should not worry – for them, everything will remain as it is.

Permission to introduce new numbers to both operators was given by the National Commission, which carries out state regulation in the fields of electronic communications, radio frequency spectrum and the provision of postal services (NKEK), reports “Today .ua”.

Thus, both mobile operators will be able to solve the problem with the shortage of free numbers. Both companies have had this problem brewing for a long time. For example, Kyivstar stated that the existing number base will last for a maximum of two more years. And further, the company would not be able to expand the subscriber circle due to a lack of numbers. Vodafone had similar problems.

So the line of Kyivstar numbers will be replenished with numbers with the code 077. And new Vodafone numbers will now start with 075. This will allow both operators to increase their subscriber base by another 10 million numbers.

Today Kyivstar already uses five codes in its numbers: 067, 068, 096, 097, 098. Vodafone currently uses four codes: 050, 066, 095, 099.

What will it be with old numbers?

All numbers used by current subscribers of both operators remain valid. They will not be blocked, and their owners will not be transferred to new numbers. Everything remains as it is. It's just that now both operators will have room to grow and attract new users.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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