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Nuclear: after IT, Bill Gates launches into revolutionary reactors

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun15,2024

Everyone knows Bill Gates as the founder of Microsoft but today, the billionaire has just launched into the business. nuclear with the construction of a new type of reactor which aims to be safe and energetically efficient

Nuclear: after computers, Bill Gates launches into revolutionary reactors

Revolutionary nuclear reactors

What if the United States were on the verge of developing a new generation of high-speed nuclear reactors? through TerraPower, the companyé founded by Bill Gates? Indeed, its objective is to find a revolutionary way to produce electricity. in power plants. For this, TerraPower launched a project in Wyoming to build a new type of nuclear reactor. Here, cooling does not occur through water but through liquid sodium. According to Chris Levesque, general director of the company, this particularity could cut facility manufacturing costs in half. The choice of sodium makes it possible to no longer need pressurization and offers an exploitation at agrave; temperatures below the boiling point of sodium.

Nuclear: after the computer science, Bill Gates launches into revolutionary reactors

This innovative technology, which is marketed under the name of the Natrium reactor, is of particular interest to the United States. This is also the reason why the government decided to to grant two billion dollars to TerraPowerto begin construction of the company's first factory in New York. Kemmerer in Wyoming.

Nuclear: after IT, Bill Gates launches into nuclear reactors

For Bill Gates, it is “the energy future of America”

Today, the project has just reached an important step because the work on the Kemmerer site has just started. It is here that a 345 megawatt Natrium nuclear reactor will see the light of day. This installation is intended to be safer in addition to reducing operating costs. It is based on thermal convection and gravity. which helps reduce security expenses. In addition, energy storage and production facilities are separated from the nuclear part providing greater security.

Nuclear: after computing, Bill Gates launches into revolutionary reactors

The project that develops through Kemmerer is a significant financial bet. Its cost represents 4 billion dollars and is the source of many questions. But for Bill Gates this is not a problem because he sees in his sodium reactor project “the energy future of America “. Indeed, for the billionaire, the Natrium nuclear reactor could introduce an era of security in the nuclear fieldand to propose new standards for energy production that is both clean and sustainable.

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