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Sisters Crystal and Stephanie Beardy settled in Winnipeg after having had to leave the Lac Saint-Martin First Nation.


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The family of the two sisters killed Sunday in the Langside Street shooting in Winnipeg “had nowhere to go,” according to the chief of their First Nation. Because of the flooding, Crystal and Stephanie Beardy had to leave the community of Lac Saint-Martin.

They were forced to leave their home with their family when high waters wiped out the community in 2011, as First Nation Chief Christopher Traverse explains. This disaster prevented many members of the community [from] returning home.

Christopher Traverse adds that, like many members of the First Nation, the two sisters found themselves stuck [in Winnipeg], forced to to stay.

Crystal and Stephanie had nowhere to go.< /p>A quote from Christopher Traverse, Chief of the Lac Saint-Martin First Nation

About 300 families, or about 1,000 people, still don't have a home to return to, according to Christopher Traverse. He indicates that he is speaking on behalf of the family at the request of the sisters' mother, Beverley Beardy.

This family, in particular, has experienced numerous deaths, he explains. It's not his first daughter who died, it's his fourth daughter.

He says he last saw Stephanie on Friday, when she left the community to visit family, half of whom live in Winnipeg. /p>

According to the chief of the Lac Saint-Martin First Nation, the assassination of two members of his community shows the need for increased government assistance for reconstruction after the flood.

This year, the body of another community member, Linda Mary Beardy, was found in the Brady Landfill in Winnipeg.

This time, it's about two indigenous women, says Christopher Traverse. The authorities must open their ears and listen to what my community needs.

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Christopher Traverse, chief of the Lac Saint-Martin First Nation, knows personally the Beardy family.

Stephanie had two daughters, while Crystal was the mother of two boys. Christopher Traverse says the band council supports the family, some of whose members he met in Winnipeg on Monday.

The family will take care of the children, he said.

I don't want anything to happen to the children, that they are placed, for example. As the leader of the community, I will protect them from this.

It's hard to have support in town for someone whose the whole family is in Lac Saint-Martin, while we are scattered, says the chief.

It is very important for our community to ;be there for our members, he adds.

With information from Karen Pauls and Cameron MacLean

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