Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

“Nova Poshta” was recognized as the best postal operator of the year in the world

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun21,2024

> Nova Poshta

The company “Nova Poshta” (Nova Post) was recognized as the postal operator of the year according to the version of the annual international industry award World Post and Parcel Award.

This is reported on the organization's website .

Last year, Ukrposhta received this award, which won in two more nominations: “Philatelic Campaign of the Year” and “Industry Leader”.

Despite the fact that Nova Post operates in a war zone, last year they increased their network in Ukraine by 20%, opened 2,242 branches and installed 1,853 post machines, offering 27,000 service points in more than 10,000 settlements throughout Ukraine, even in front-line cities, the message says.

Volodymyr Popereshniuk, co-owner of Nova Poshta, announced that the company received its first logistics Oscar. According to him, the judges were impressed by the program “Separated by borders, united by Novaya Poshta”. And also the fact that Ukrainian companies do not stop their activities, develop and actively participate in humanitarian projects during war and blackouts.

“Nova Poshta” received its first logistics Oscar! The best operators of the planet fought for it – eBay, Royal Mail, InPost, FedEx, DPD, United States postal service, Correios and many others. The intrigue lasted until the very finale – the winner was decided just a few hours before the official award ceremony. And in the end, Nova Poshta was recognized as the best postal operator in the world!, he wrote.