“Nova Poshta” made a proposition to Boris Johnson – who called the prime minister

“Nova Poshta” made a proposition to Boris Johnson – who called the prime minister

Rozpovіdєmo, why have “New mail” called Boris Johnson the ideal candidate

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“Nova Poshta” asked Johnson for a job/Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today & # 8220; Nova Poshta & # 8221; in a hot form, she uttered to the robot the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, who voiced about those who were going to the office.

The company wrote a post about this on its social media.

“Boris Johnson, just imagine (and forcefully): “Nova Poshta” plans to enter the international market and Great Britain is not to blame. And if we value swidkity, rіshuchіst and stress-resistance, then V is the ideal candidate for us”, – go to the post. strong>

“Nova Poshta” ran proposition to Boris Johnson – where the premier was called’ra

“Language reversal of English”, – jarred by the company's clients in comments.

“Nova Poshta” added proposition to Boris Johnson – where they called the premier’єra

&# 8220;Nova Poshta” originally saw off Johnson at the introduction/Photo: Nova Poshta

Where is Johnson going?

7 linden Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson officially announced his resignation. The head of the order fills the chair through the investment of trust among the ministers and officials. So Johnson defeated five of the heads of the Conservative Party.

However, with his brutal politician, having declared that we will defeat the head of the party in that order, the docks will not be taken offender.< /p> The election of a new leader of the party may be due in the next hour, and the axis of the new leader will be recognized only less.

Who did Johnson have a chance to drink?

they called out to the premier voluntarily after the post after the sex scandal, which was once again recognized by Johnson as the planting of Chris Pincher, which sounds like sexual harassment of up to two people at a closed club.

As a sign of protest, 53 members of the order went to the office and as a result, it still shook the legendary head of parliament to call the chair.