Nova Lada Vesta 2022 turned out to be expensive for Toyota Camry

Nova Lada Vesta 2022 turned out to be expensive for Toyota Camry

Sales of the updated Lada Vesta have started in Russia. Prices for a budget model are really shocking.

A batch of 800 Lada Vesta NG upgrades has reached the car dealerships of the aggressor country. In fact, the models did not change the versatility – the boots caught up with the ferocious birch, they took a back seat, the new Vesta was not yet on sale. The plant near Izhevsk, de picking the model, cost it and make the practitioners tell Putin about the authorities.

Nova Lada Vesta 2022 is more expensive than Toyota Camry

Before speech, the very cim explains the fact that Vesti has ABS, airbags, and ESP. Sales received more expensive equipment with keyless entry, air conditioning, cruise control, power seats and LED headlights.

Prices start at 1.63 million rubles, or $27,000 at the official exchange rate. For the first time, we’ll sell the new Lada Vesta SW station wagon for 1.95 million rubles ($32,300).

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So, maybe climate control, camera, sensors us Toyota Camry and RAV4 in similar configurations are cheap at the same time. Moreover, the station wagon was sold with a discount, without it the price is $38,400.